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A Fresh Bag is affordable and contains seasonal and locally grown vegetables and fruits. With no plastic packaging involved, each bag contributes to a reduced carbon footprint and supports our local farmers. Get yours delivered for only €10!





About us

Fresh Bag is an initiative founded by students who wanted to make organic food accessible by connecting fellow students with local farmers to achieve fair prices for both. We are now expanding beyond the university and deliver to your home in Amsterdam. At Fresh Bag we love good, healthy and organic food. We are part of the global university platform for social entrepreneurship, Enactus, and together we try to create a sustainable future by promoting healthy and responsible consumption!
  • We want to facilitate the process of getting your Freshbag! Pick-up time and place will be announced every Monday

  • Please send us a message at +31621662211 or via our socials and we can figure out an alternative. If you need help finding the location, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Join our volunteer group chat now! :) Just send us a text at +31621662211 or get in touch with us on our socials.

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We contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals